Marissa Jenae Johnson

Co-Founder & Content Director

Marissa is a Seattle-based writer, entrepreneur, speaker, and organizer working at the intersections of politics, Blackness, womanhood, and Christianity. She has previously organized within the Black Lives Matter movement, and with high school and college students who want to organize within their academic institutions.

Marissa controversially reached the national stage when she helped take over a Seattle rally for 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. She’s been featured on platforms such as MSNBC, Fox News, BBC, Vice News, and and NY Mag, and her work has been talked about by nearly every major media outlet in the country.

Marissa has been compared to ISIS in a campaign ad tweeted by Donald Trump himself, and also dragged rapper Killer Mike in a take down that was covered by Complex Magazine. Her work stretches from the unconventional and controversial to the mundane, but her influence is felt by many. Marissa is also currently working on a book documenting her radicalization in the Black Lives Matter Movement. She was also recently named to Essence Magazine's list of 100 Woke Women & a 2017 Voice of The Year for Impact by BlogHer.


Asa Todd

Engagement Specialist

Asa is a graduate of Kean University, having earned a BA in Psychology. She has over 10 years experience working and volunteering in the fields of social services, market research, and digital advertising.

Currently, Asa is a freelance writer and social media manager, focusing most of her attention on destigmatizing mental illness and mental health advocacy. In her free time she volunteers at a local nonprofit working to end homelessness in the Jersey Shore area.

Asa handles social media, #PinCollective engagement and promotional projects for Safety Pin Box.

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