Leslie Mac

Co-Founder & Creative Director - Safety Pin Box


Leslie is a Brooklyn born activist & first generation American who speaks nationally about connecting social media to social justice and facilitating movement building discussions. She founded the Ferguson Response Network to connect nationwide efforts supporting the important racial justice movement started in Ferguson, MO. She is a Lead Organizer for Black Lives of Unitarian Universalism and hosts the Interracial Jawn Podcast. 

Twitter: @LeslieMac

Website: LeslieMac.com

Marissa Jenae Johnson

Co-Founder & Content Director - Safety Pin Box


Marissa is a speaker, writer, and consultant, specializing in political agitation in Black liberation movements. Drawing from her recent contributions in the Black Lives Matter movement, Marissa currently works with high school and college students organizing within their learning institutions and is currently working on a book documenting her radicalization.

Twitter: @RissaoftheWay