Post #WomensMarch Advice

Published Jan 22, 2017 by Leslie Mac

White folks as you seek to connect in solidarity post #WomensMarch a few suggestions from Safety Pin Box to you:

1) Focus on self education first. It is not the burden of marginalized communities to educate you.

2) If you want help, pay marginalized people for their time, education, content & focus.

3) Do not invite POC to speak, teach, keynote, pray, host or anything else without financial compensation. Free labor died on Nov 8.

4) Look inward not outward as you learn more about systemic oppression. This isn't about what "those ppl over there are doing", this work is about looking at how WE contribute to oppression & take steps to do less harm.

5) Build an accountability circle. A group of fellow white folks looking to learn & grown together. Push each other, challenge each other, share there before you burden others with your growing pains in this work. Subscribe to SPB & become a #PinCollective member if you need help getting started.

6) Create a plan for your own fragility. There will come a time - likely while reading this post - where your emotions will seem more important than the work. They aren't. Sit & think about how you want to respond when you feel yourself bristling - that's where your work exists.

7) You are without authority in movement building spaces. And that's a good thing. Surrender your default of control & surrender to learn from others.

8) Do not expect thanks or kudos from anyone. This is spirit work & its rewards are your own enlightenment not accolades.

9) READ a lot & change your sources of info. Read from Black scholars, Black Women, trans folks, the disabled. Challenge: Commit to ONLY reading from authors of color for an entire year. Subscribe to Noir Reads to get set up.

10) Everyone is welcome in the room but you need to earn your seat at the table. Let's get to work.

Leslie Mac