Advice for white led progressive organizations

Published Jan 8, 2017

We have noticed A LOT of (mostly) white led progressive communities struggling with the question of "how to be of service in the era of Trump."
SPB Co-creator Leslie Mac shares the following tips to help answer that question:

1) First the elephant in the room. If you already had EMPOWERED POC's in leadership positions, this question would already be answered so start there. RELINQUISH control, resources and power to those most effected by the things you want to fight for/against. FOR REAL.

2) Address who is centered in your conversations. Are you talking as a group about how YOU feel or about how those you seek to support will feel/are feeling?

3) Where/How do you seek out other voices to create change? The HOW is critical here. DON'T simply expect marginalized people to help you or allow you to pick their brains "for the greater good." DO PAY THEM FOR THEIR TIME & EXPERTISE. ALWAYS.

4) White fragility will come into the mix no matter what you do. Trust me. PLAN NOW for how handle the fragility when it comes in the room. And my PLAN NOW - I mean have an open discussion as leaders about hot you want to address it, combat it & diminish it's ability to derail your work.


5) STOP LOOKING OUTSIDE YOUR ORG/GROUP/COMMUNITY. The work you need to do isn't "out there", it is in the room with you. Right now. It's sitting next to you. Right now. Have your entire team download the Safety Pin Box FREE Sample Task "Power Mapping Your Sphere of Influence"
Schedule time for the team to do the task TOGETHER. Report back your findings each week - CREATE CHANGE WHERE YOU LIVE & WORK. Dassit.

PS: This photo is from the amazing Women of Color in Tech photoshoot - check out their dynamic work here:

Leslie Mac