SPB Kids 2017 Summer Series

SPB Kids 2017 Summer Series


Summer 2017 SPB Kids Series: Let’s Talk About Race And…

Each SPB Kids Summer Series is an 8-week series geared towards elementary aged kids and comes with one parent guide and one kids book.

The kids booklet is part coloring book, part reflection, and part tasks & each kit comes with:

  • Parent/Kid SPB Tasks
  • Dinner Conversations
  • Learning Together Activities
  • Reflection Section
  • Original Coloring Book Images

We also include a full parent guide. The parent guide will give you all the same tasks and prompts as the kid’s book, but it will also give you some parent pre-work for before you talk with your kids as well as some reflection questions, and tips for how to talk to your spouse and family members.

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NOTE: SPBKids purchased by March 22 will be mailed out on June 5th. Purchases after March 22 will start going out on June 30. Customers will receive an email confirmation with shipment tracking link once they are sent.