Safety Pin Box Bootcamp COMPREHENSIVE

Safety Pin Box Bootcamp COMPREHENSIVE

from 1,450.00


12 session of content including:

  • TASK: Power Mapping
  • TASK: Dismantling Whiteness
  • VIDEO SERIES: All About Race (6 videos)
  • Private Facebook group for Team Leaders
  • Skype Orientation for Team Leaders
  • Private, 1 hour Check-in with SPB Team
  • Team Leader Toolkit with Meeting Outlines, Tips & Discussion Questions & more
  • Laminated Session Meeting Cards (assigning roles)
  • Ultimate Ally Glossary for each participant ($30 each value)
  • 25% off first month of Safety Pin Box for participants
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Sales for the Summer 2017 #SPBBootcamp Cohort end on June 19
This product ships on July 3rd, 2017.
Summer 2017 #SPBBootcamp Orientation is July 7th, 2017

Each Bootcamp Team Leader will receive 1 large box with content for all participants enclosed separated by Session.