#NotMyPresident Box On Sale Now

For the first time ever - our popular #NotMyPresident Box is available for purchase for non-Subscribers. 

Included are three tasks wholly focused on answering the following questions:

  • How do we begin to fight back against a white supremacist who is getting ready to occupy one of the most powerful positions in the world? 

  • What can we do as individuals? 

  • What can we do as a collective?

  • What do we tell our children?

Get a jump start on resisting an oppressive Trump regime and revisit the original intention of the safety pin fad: protecting the most vulnerable among us. 

Am I A Safe Place? - #AmIASafePlace

  • Week 1: What Is Safety?

  • Week 2: Who Is In Danger?

  • Week 3: Defining Your "Place" & The Spaces You Influence

  • Week 4: Creating Safety Plans & Safe Spaces

Raising Kids In The Era of Trump - #RaisingThemToResist

  • Week 1: What Kind Of World Do You Hope For?

  • Week 2: How We Got Here & What We Are Up Against

  • Week 3: Challenging Propaganda & Social Norms

  • Week 4: Modeling The Future with SPB & Inviting Your Children To Join

Building Your Militia - #ReadyToResist

  • Week 1: In Your Neighborhood

  • Week 2: Have A Little Faith

  • Week 3: Planning To Be Ungovernable

  • Week 4: Build Your Team

Not My President - 3 Tasks

Not My President Box

3 Tasks for $45

  • Am I A Safe Place?
  • Raising Kids in the Trump Era
  • Building Your Militia
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