It’s never to early to start talking about race with your kids and allyship is a lifelong journey.
SPB Kids Series - 2017 EDITION: Let’s Talk About Race And…

One of the core problems about effectively addressing race issues today is that so many white adults are years, decades behind in talking and learning about race. Many white parents shielded their kids from any critical race conversation which left us with a generation of adults who are starting from scratch in this urgent time of need.



To change the racial landscape in America we need to raise a generation that is better than us on race issues. For far too long it’s been assumed that our kids will be more progressive and enlightened than us, but white supremacy is growing among young white people and white millennials overwhelmingly voted for Trump.

It’s time to get ahead of the problem by teaching white children two core things:

  • 1) that we need to talk about race and not be afraid of the conversation, and
  • 2) to think about whiteness critically rather than passively accept it’s privileges.

Our SPB Kids Series does just a way that is accessible, kid-appropriate, and challenging at the same time.

Here at Safety Pin Box, we not only believe that this work includes raising the next generation of children, but also that both kids and parents benefit from learning together. While it is a shame that so many white parents are just entering these race conversations, it’s also an opportunity for kids and parents to learn together. This isn’t a top-down’s an opportunity for parents to model humility, learning, and servitude and for them to invite their kids to join them in that work.

We’ll talk about Race and…

  •     Me: What does my race mean for me?
  •     My Family: What does race mean for my family?
  •     My Community: How does race affect those in my community and how do I help?
  •     The World: What is Black Lives Matter and where do I fit in?

We’re so excited for our SPB Kids Series to help usher your kids into meaningful, lifelong allyship. We’re certain it will be a life-changing experience for parents and kids alike. And in times like these, with so much going wrong in the world, it’s time to let our kids lead the we learn and grow TOGETHER!

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