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A physical box shipped to you with 3 guided ally tasks each month. Tasks will vary in scope from individual to group assignments, and task categories include data collection, personal development, influencing your networks, and showing radical compassion. Tasks are designed to be completed within the month and members are encouraged to document their work and collaborate with other Safety Pin members online to complete projects.


  • Exclusive “calls to action” when urgent ally services are needed in times of crisis

  • Subscribers ONLY Safety Pin Box Facebook group featuring connections to other subscribers & exclusive SPB content

  • The Pincast - an exclusive Podcast hosted by SPB Creators

  • Monthly Ally Chat Q&A

  • Quarterly "Beyond The Box" Webinar with Special Guests





This subscription box is intended for white people who want to consistently contribute to Black liberation financially while doing measurable support work for the movement and learning what it takes to dismantle white supremacy. Safety Pin Box encourages white people to take initiative in contributing to the movement for Black lives, while getting guidance and educational resources from Black women. Subscribers are encouraged to connect with other Safety Pin members both locally and online to complete tasks and support each other in learning.

Whether you are new to “ally work”, or were astute enough to know that the original safety pin show of solidarity was misguided, the Safety Pin Box is for you!




The short answer: all of us.

The Safety Pin Box benefits all people involved, but is specifically geared at supporting Black women who are contributing to the movement for Black lives.

Every month, Safety Pin Box will give one-time financial gifts to individual Black women who have demonstrated a commitment to serving Black people. Financial gift recipients will be featured in that month’s box at their discretion, and will be invited to contribute to that month’s task writing. Any and all Black women contributing to Black liberation in any way are encouraged to apply and recipients will be chosen at random each month from Black women applicants in our pool. The more subscribers we have, the more Black women we can support. Subscription fees, as a form of reparations, go directly to supporting Black women freedom fighters every month.

In addition to providing financial support for Black women, Safety Pin Box encourages white people to actively engage in liberation work on a consistent basis. Each monthly box is a form of accountability to call you to action, and the variety of tasks offered make it impossible to say “I want to help, but I don’t know what to do!” Now, not only can you do specific tasks for the movement, but you can join a community of other white people doing the same. And if you still want to wear your safety pin, go ahead. Just be prepared for someone to ask what ally task you completed this month.

Black women receive financial support. White people work to end white supremacy. Black people guide white ally work. White people learn to redirect resources and do racial justice personal development. All of this and more, every single month.