So often in history, it is HIS story that is told and the men are the heroes and victors. But behind the scenes or even right in front of our eyes are women and femmes who are changing the world and saving our lives with little to no recognition.

Telling HER story is our attempt to right this patriarchal wrong and learn from the women who paved the way. Join us this month as we highlight amazing Black Women, their contributions to history and how their legacy is linked to today's fight for freedom.

Learn about reach of these amazing Black Women and then answer the curated questions to help you place your own efforts into the context of the struggle for Black liberation.

#BlackHerstoryMonth Index
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Day 15 - Zoharrah Simmons

Day 16 - Ava Duvernay

Day 17 - Eve Ewing

Day 18 - Trina

Day 19 - Elle Hearns

Day 20 - Queen Nanny

Day 21 - Julie Dash

Day 22 - Henrietta Lacks

Day 23 - Harriet Tubman

Day 24 - Mary Fields

Day 25 - Ida B Wells

Day 26 - Fannie Lou Hamer

Day 27 - Korryn Gaines

Day 28 - Marsha P Johnson