Safety Pin Box was designed to specifically benefit Black women as individuals. Black women, who may or may not be with an official organization, do a majority of the labor for Black liberation work and are also the least likely to be financially sustained while doing it. Organizations have their own ways of getting money, but we believe supporting individual Black women plays an essential role in Black Liberation work.

Each month, recipients will be chosen at random from our pool of “Black Women Being” applicants based on funds raised from that month's subscriptions. Any and all Black women & femmes doing any work towards the liberation of Black people are encouraged to apply.

Recipients will be notified via email and will receive a one-time financial gift. Number and size of gifts given will depend on the number of active subscriptions. Gift recipients are not required to disclose their gift amount to anyone for any reason. We believe Black women are the best stewards of their own funds and we do not dictate how recipients use their gifts.

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